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Who we are

Our web design firm offers a wide range of website design related services to help small business owners achieve their business goals efficiently and cost-effectively. Services include website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), shopping cart design, social media programs, and general marketing support. Delivered by responsive, friendly, and expert customer service personnel, our services are tailored to identify and address your business needs, help you achieve your objectives and, ultimately, stay in touch with and serve the needs of your customers.

We work hard to target our client’s needs, help them accomplish their goals, surpass their expectation and keep them in touch with their customer.

Our mission is pretty simple. RedTree Logic specializes in the design of custom websites for small businesses. Our offerings are comprehensive. Looking for an online brochure or a “starter” website for your small business? We can do that. Need a little more than the standard six-to-eight page site? We’ve got it covered. Perhaps you need a form with which to collect sales leads from your website. We can help with that, too. Our services are broad and comprehensive because our goal is to make your small business website a success.

Our experience

At RedTree Logic, our projects range from major website design and development to minor projects and technical consulting. We successfully work with large corporations, small businesses, government, retail, services, non-profit to big budget, and everyone in between!

Our team of fresh minds ensures that we will continue providing innovation to our clients. We are equipped and eager to bring you unconventional ideas and unexpected strategies to help you reach your goals in style.

Creative Services - 12 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Media Research - 8 years
Marketing Data - 7 years

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Principles of our work


Early on, RedTree Logic adopted a school of thought that aims to raise the bar with every new project that comes through our front door. “Run of the mill” has no place within our walls. This type of thinking has kept our design and development teams on the front lines of web technology, always looking to produce something new and creative.


We take our role as leaders in the business community very seriously and are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity and professionalism.


Each team member that we hire is a “genius” in their individual craft. Experience, creativity and passion are characteristics that each of our team members exude, so those are attributes of RedTree Logic.


On time and on budget – that’s our mantra. In fact, from the very beginning of your project, our team will work closely with you to hash out even the smallest details so that we can provide you with accurate, realistic time lines. This detailed project initiation process lends to our ability to finish and launch projects on time and on budget.